What we offer

Business Consulting

Our team develops business strategies to organize and grow your business. We provide a wide range of opportunities and successful ideas to boost your business, including tax consultancy to implement all tax regimes in Bulgaria. No matter you intend to invest in properties, established or acquire a company or restructure your own company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tax Consultancy

Our team is highly specialist in all aspects of tax regimes in Bulgaria.
  • VAT
  • Corporate taxation
  • Individual taxation
  • Local taxes
Provided by professionals with great experience and knowledge. BusinessTax works successfully with one of the leading law company in Bulgaria “Terzieva, Ivancheva, Naydenova & partners”.

Business and assets

Our team helps our partners in the process of acquiring and restructuring there companies as well as to evaluate the business itself or/and other assets. To provide all these services we use Katevaluation ltd., company, that has all necessary certificates from the Bulgarian chamber of independent evaluators – to evaluate companies, real estates, financial assets, etc.

We offer for our clients:

  • develop tax strategies and consult the tax planning of Bulgarian and foreign companies as a tool for their effective management in the conditions of the Bulgarian market;
  • we prepare projects to optimize the tax regime and minimize the tax risk when investing or executing individual transactions, as well as in carrying out the business of the company; · Advise on how to implement double taxation treaties (DTAs) in order to optimize tax payments;
  • we perform tax analyzes and preventive tax audits;
  • we provide representation to tax authorities, tax protection and legal representation in litigation;
  • complete organization and accounting, VAT preparation, ODA, Balances and financial results, Financial stability, and application of international accounting standards;
  • We perform a complete organization and accounting for tax purposes
  • we perform comprehensive control of the existing regulatory accounting bases, internal financial control. Consultancy on accounting in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, ordinances, accounting standards, and other statutory instruments; · We perform expert assessments of enterprises, financial assets and shares, real estate and agricultural land, machinery, and equipment, movable assets, etc .;
  • we represent as accredited representative foreign persons who do not have a tax registration in the territory of the country under all tax relations arising under VATA;
  • consult and participate in the development of tax laws and in the preparation of projects to optimize the tax environment for Bulgarian and foreign investors; · We provide training to our clients through special comments on changes in tax legislation or through lectures and seminars; · Assist state bodies and NGOs in discussing topical issues of tax policy, participate as experts in solving specific tax issues of industry and other associations;
  • we participate in discussion forums and public debates on tax law and enforcement issues by expressing expert opinions through publications in specialized editions or in the media.


Tax Law, Tax Planning and Business Structure All issues related to Corporate Taxation, Value Added Tax, Excise Duties, Local Taxes and Fees, Use of Specific Tax, Fiscal and Customs Procedures and Procedures; documenting and accounting for taxes. Problems of avoiding double taxation, procedures and implementation of DTC, specific tax exemptions.

Common tax registration and registration for individual types of taxes or tax regimes; providing representation to tax authorities, including during tax audits; filing and filing of tax papers and documents; consultations on tax returns, appeals against actions and acts of the tax authorities under administrative and judicial order; procedures for recovery and offsetting of undue tax liabilities and for changes in tax liabilities; deferral, deferral and remission of public and private state receivables; appeal against acts and actions of the public executor for securing and forcing collection of public receivables, etc.
Tax auditing and risk assessment of privatization and investments
Tax-legal analysis of privatization sites, assessment of tax risk in legal and financial due diligence, choice of appropriate investment scheme. Preparation of investment projects to minimize tax risk, advising on the schemes and the steps for their realization.
Accounting legislation
Comprehensive organization and accounting, while complying with and applying the requirements of National and International Accounting Standards. All issues related to the control of the existing legal bases of accounting, internal financial control, in compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, ordinances and other normative acts.
Preventive tax audits
Analysis of the client's business, commercial and accounting documentation, tax and other tax returns, earnings or results for the revised periods; accrued and paid taxes and determining the due ones; assessment of tax consequences and recommendations to correct errors and minimize tax risks.
Performance of expert assessments by licensed appraisers.
Performing business assessments, evaluations of entire enterprises, financial assets and shares, valuations of real estate and agricultural land, estimates of machinery and equipment, movable assets, etc.
Corporate and Commercial Law
Choice of legal and organizational form appropriate for the tax consequences for carrying out activities and preparation of contracts, etc. documents; tax-law analysis when entering into commercial contracts or structuring contractual and organizational links of the company, minimizing the tax risk in transferring enterprises, transformation or mergers of commercial companies; participation in negotiations and procedures.